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The gallery was founded in December 2003. -When a field of art is on the stage of its flourishing and when it is so productive that it itself requires a way out, emergence of such an idea, its establishment and its purpose would not be surprising at all. The subject of a creator is always looking for an eye and ear of an object. Its evaluation.... Initiator was me: Keti Paichadze, Sergo Tbileli , Tamar Vadachkoria and Maiko Shahnazari. Wwww We always wanted to create such space where the harmony would be felt in spite of various artistic styles and everything would be based on professionalism.

The interest revealed towards the Georgian art of painting at the exhibitions held abroad and the reaction it was followed by made us sure that it was necessary to have a place in Tbilisi where all the prominent creators would gather. I consider that this is the valuable thing which will leave its heritage and which owns a future. It is noteworthy that many paintings performed by different generation artists are presented in our gallery, which in one way creates a complete picture on one of the artists for the visitor and at the same time the latter enjoys the possibility to get familiarized with the processes and tendencies unfolding in Contemporary Georgian art. Priorities of the gallery is colleboration with the young talented painters. A beginner might be old, but mainly they are young. And discovery of talented youth is our main objective. Under the Elite status of our salon, we do not mean specific famous names, "elevating" and "exciting" is characteristic for unknown names as well... The Gallery has its own viewpoint, it is not framed within specific topics or directions. The serious attention is paid to the high quality and individuality of performance. Today Georgian Art is developing and we would like to take part in this development.
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